Sauna session


Dope sauna and ice bath sessions await you at our studio to help you take your recovery to the next level. Our sauna can host 6-8 people and can be booked for private sessions for you and your friends.

Our classes_ HIIT training


Book one of our professional trainers to dive into the world of boxing and/or improve your endurance and strengthen your muscles with calisthenics exercises.

Our classes_ Boxing


An adrenaline-fueled boxing class designed to skyrocket your heart rate and unleash a surge of dopamine. Step into our studio and unleash your inner warrior as you punch, bob, and weave through an empowering combination of high-intensity drills and dynamic movements.

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During our boxing technique class you can master the art of precision and power. Learn proper stance, footwork, and the fundamental punches while enhancing your coordination and agility.



Using your own bodyweight as resistance, you’ll engage in a series of exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and control. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each movement teaching you the proper form and technique for a variety of exercises.