The Dopamine story traces back to a clichéd yet profound moment on a Bali rooftop in March 2023. After escaping the clutches of a corporate career ladder, Simon decided to take a stroll down the rabbit hole of introspection and, as you do when in Bali,  accidentally stumbled into a Men’s sharing circle. While there, he was asked what he associated with the words ‘’I LOVE’’. I didn’t even take one second and he immediately replied: Fitness.

There’s a few reasons why this was his answer. But of relevance for the dopamine story is that Simon holds a deep-rooted belief in the power of fitness and sports to connect people. It has always been one of Simon’s biggest passions to form connections through sports and sweaty workouts and most of Simon’s closest friendships were born in the gym. If a mutual love for sports and a well-rounded lifestyle can be so powerful of a connection tool, why not build a place that centers around exactly that? Connecting people through fitness.


Dopamine was born out of the desire to create a one-of-a-kind urban fitness destination where individuals can come together and forge connections through their shared love for sports and a well-rounded lifestyle, just like Simon has been fortunate enough to do. What started on a rooftop in Bali, became reality just a few weeks later, in a parking lot located at the legendary red light district street Kurfürstenstraße in Berlin. Amongst prostitutes, dope addicts and real dope dealers, dopamine 1.0 was born. You can see a little bit more about how that went The Dopamine Studio Opening

Dopamine today

Today, dopamine 2.0 is located at the adidas sports base in Berlin where we have a huge fitness playground to practice our concept of connected fitness (not with wearable devices, but connections with real people) and to build our community even more. One thing we found through our first months of operation, was the power of not only connecting people with each other, but also, connecting people with cool brands and other places that can become a part of their fitness journey. Dopamine 2.0 is therefore built on 2 pillars: Dopamine Daily and DOPE SOCIAL.

Dopamine Daily: Our weekly class offering that is designed to foster connections through elements such as partner exercises, challenges or simply by our coaches paying extra attention to connecting class participants with each other. After each class, participants can hang out in our clubhouse or join a guided sauna session to connect with each other.

DOPE SOCIAL:  Community events that start with exercise and end with a shared dining experience. DOPE SOCIALS occur both on-site and off-site, and are dedicated to fostering connections and strengthening our community. DOPE SOCIALS can be enhanced by brand partnerships, enabling us to link our community with supportive brands and collaboratively elevate the overall experience for all participants. In the past we have already been able to host some incredible event concepts powered by various brands, which we will definitely continue to do in the future.

Do you feel like some dopamine now?